Do you sell replacement parts?

Yes, we do! If the frame of your desk is still in good shape, but the students have done a toll on the desktop, you can purchase a replacement desktop from us for a fraction of the cost to replace the desk. We also offer replacement glides, table legs, and upholstery.

What does FOB mean when you see it listed on my quote or order?

This is a shipping term used to indicate responsibility for freight charges on your order. If you see FOB Factory – then there will be a freight charge added to your order to move the product from our factory to your location. FOB Destination indicates we will be responsible for any charges to get the shipment to your door.

Are there different types of edges to pick from?

Yes. Our standard edge is referred to as “Self-edge”. If you’re looking for a higher quality durable edge, we recommend requesting pricing for a 3mm PVC edge or a ¼” Hardwood Edge. These can be added to all of our Circulation desks, and most of our Office desks.

Do you have a “busy” season?

Yes, we have two. Summer is a very busy time for Ven-Rez, as we’re producing products in time for back to school (September). Our other busy time is February-March, as provincial spending budgets are coming to a close. During these times, we ask for your patience and understanding that we will do the best to ensure your order is processed and produced in a timely manner.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We have an extensive list of international destinations that we’ve shipped to over the years and continue to do so.

What is LEED?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Design. It is a rating system that is in place to set standards for “green” buildings. If your project is going for one of the LEED Certification levels, we can work with you to make your furniture as “green” as possible. Many of our products already automatically do meet LEEDrequirements.

How will I know my order is ready?

When deliveries are made by our own tractor/trailers we always try to call the day before delivery to notify you of an estimated time of arrival. However, it is difficult to guarantee a precise arrival time so it is important to have assistance on standby for any larger orders which requires assistance for delivery. If deliveries are made by outside carriers advanced warning of delivery unfortunately is not always possible.